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Professional Process Services

Commonwealth Legal Services is a leading process service agency working for the greater Indiana and Kentucky areas. Here at Commonwealth Legal Services, we are a group of dedicated professionals that make it our assignment to ensure you receive the finest legal services on the market. Our mission is your goal—so we always make you, the client, our top priority.

What sets us apart from competitors? It’s our passion to serve our clients. When you do business with us we practice with the highest level of efficiency to guarantee we target your deadline, budget, and specific needs. Our staff consists of influential and highly skilled professionals that utilize best practices—as outlined by the National Association of Professional Process Servers. When you call, we always offer immediate assistance.

Let Commonwealth Legal Services equip your firm with a leading competitive advantage. Whether you need a process server or special bailiff for your next case, let us be of assistance to you. We have served a multitude of clients and have gained the reputation of being a reliable service agency that prides itself on integrity, knowledge, and skill. Call us today and let our expert team promptly and legally complete your service process.

Our Services

Commonwealth Legal Services brings forth unparalleled skills and experience when it comes to legal paperwork management. It is our mission to operate with optimal precision to ensure that our all of our clients are presented with the best resources and assistance. Here at Commonwealth, we are devoted to our clients and feel responsible for their success. That is why we always interview neighbors and use the best investigative tools to confirm the correct address from the beginning.

Consider us your second hand and best support system. We will retrieve documents from the courthouse or your office—or paperwork may be emailed, faxed, or mailed. Once we possess all documentation, our knowledgeable support servers will keep you updated on the status of your legal documents. We will also email or fax a copy of your affidavit, while you wait for the original copy to be promptly returned.

Commonwealth Legal Services acquaints clients with technology-driven solutions to provide the following services:

Service of Process

The skilled professionals at Commonwealth Legal Services utilize investigative tools to ensure that your court documents are delivered promptly and efficiently. We built this company with clients in mind. Both male and female servers are available. Unlike other service providers, we do not wait—we attempt delivery seven days a week including early morning, evening, and weekends.

Skip Trace

Our leading private investigator utilizes the most up-to-date databases available to conduct efficient background screenings. If your subject is missing or avoiding service, the professionals at Commonwealth Legal Services will detect, discover, and locate them promptly. Our mission is your goal, so sit back while our service experts do the work.

Court Runner Services

Commonwealth Legal Services is dedicated to excellence and integrity. We provide the highest quality court runner services, with same day services available. We have recruited experienced professionals who will research and discover legal filings at a moment’s notice. Our skilled court runners serve as an advantageous resource for all of our clients here at Commonwealth.


The professionals at Commonwealth Legal Services will do whatever it takes to guarantee results for our clients. We offer services that are without equal in the industry, and one of our major assets is our surveillance force. Is your subject avoiding service? Don’t let this be a concern. We offer surveillance to ensure documents are delivered without delay.

Area Coverage

Commonwealth Legal Services provides matchless service to the greater Indiana and Kentucky regions listed below. If you have documents to be served in any of these counties and are searching for a process service agency, contact us today. The professionals at Commonwealth will offer immediate assistance along with the best solution for your legal needs.


If you have documents to be served in the greater Kentucky and Indiana areas and are searching for a process server agency, call us today. Do not waste your time filling out a contact form, get on the phone with a professional immediately that will be happy to assist you. We possess a team of leading professionals along with competitive pricing, so if you want prompt and effective solutions, Commonwealth Legal Services is your answer.

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